How to Nail the Subway map – Seoul, Korea


It was a bit stressful the first few times when I visited Korea. I can’t read or speak Korea, besides the few words that I’ve heard through variety shows and Korean dramas. Instead of seeking help from OPPA, its actually quite easy to travel around the Seoul area with their subway system.

Apps to download before going to Korea:

  1. Korea Subway-Pengtai (Its a really useful application that consists the subway map and description of different hot places to visit)
  2. VisitKorea (If you don’t know much about Korea, this is the perfect app for you that basically lay out things you could go/do in Korea)
  3. Subway- Malang Studio Co. (This is actually the app that I use the most whenever I visited Korea, simple and easy to use)

How to nail the complicated subway map….

Capture.PNG(Photo from Seoul Metro Traffic Center)   -Use this website to map out your travel plan with a computer)

  1. Find the station name/line number (If you are just travelling around the major areas in Seoul, e.g. Myeongdong and Dongdamum, these are the lines that you will be taking)
    • Line 4: Myeongdong, Dongdamum, Seoul station
    • Line 9: Gimpo International airport, Yeouido, Express Bus Terminal
    • Line 1: Dongdawmum, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


2. Check and make sure which line you are taking, and to which direction. (Before you get on the train, make sure you check whether you are going towards the right direction, there is often poster/map that sticks on the wall before you get on the train)

3. For people who carry a huge luggage or with elderly/children, the best thing to do is to make sure which exits has elevator. Some exits have lots of stairs and each exits could be really close to each other. Finding the right exit will save you from a really long and tiring walk.



Purchasing Tickets

  • If you are not driving, the best thing to do is to purchase a magical card called “Tmoney card” once you arrived Korea. You can basically purchase it at any convenient store.
  • The card costs around 2,500 won, and you can refill the card with money anytime at the subway station.
  • You can also purchase single tickets from the subway station, where they have electronic ticket booths.
  • When you refill the Tmoney card at the electronic ticket booth, there is English menu and it is quite user friendly.

How to purchase Tmoney card and use the ticketing machine:      



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